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Founded in 1997, UNIConnect manages complexity with software that is flexible, scalable, rapidly implemented, and ultimately placed in control of our customers. UNIConnect’s flagship product is UNIFlow™, a process definition language, process tracking database, and quality compliance engine. UNIConnect technology has been used by Myriad Genetics, Celera Genomics, Illumina, Sorenson Genomics, Southern Research Institute, Nelson Labs and ARUP Labs.


UNIConnect has evolved from a software consultancy to a software company, specializing in delivery of advanced process management solutions in support of challenging and sometimes daunting scientific, engineering, and business objectives.

For more than a decade, UNIConnect has delivered solutions for translational research, with particular depth in "panomic" science. Where conventional software firms struggle to keep abreast of advancing science, UNIConnect helps clients excel.


UNIConnect is always eager to meet customers who believe there is no ideal solution, because UNIFlow makes new capabilities possible.

UNIConnect began with the conviction that the right process experts and right software can transform an organization, and we prove that point every day. The pursuit of science and new knowledge is never ending. Thus, UNIConnect history is a work in progress. From single lab to global team, UNIConnect supports innovators and innovations everywhere.


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