Molecular diagnosticsOur pMDx™ (Precision Molecular Diagnostics) LIMS suite is based on breakthrough technology that embraces emerging science. With pMDx, you get precise detail and control for the most comprehensive laboratory tracking and management processes. And with a platform that adapts easily as your needs change, pMDx is the solution for companies that aim to grow, evolve and lead. It’s the long-term solution that can adapt to changes from literally every front.

pMDx-NGS: Next-Gen Sequencing workflow in the pMDx platform, for end-to-end process management and complex data handling.

pMDx-NGS handles complex Next-Gen Sequencing data handling in the same way that we approach all LIMS process management tasks – by defining the basic process, including:

  • Units of work
  • Units of product
  • Workflows
  • Content flows
  • Information and authorization flows

The UNIFlow process specification language, upon which pMDx-NGS is built, enables definition of all process elements in exacting detail. Our exclusive process management engine then executes machine-readable specifications directly. The result is seamless information linkage for complex NGS data requirements within a single platform.

Contact Us for a personalized demonstration of pMDx-NGS for your laboratory.

pMDx-TOX: Comprehensive toxicology and pharmacogenomic testing in a single LIMS platform

For toxicology testing laboratories serving their customers with expanded test capabilities, UNIConnect’s pMDx-TOX LIMS platform provides comprehensive toxicology and pharmacogenomics test automation within a single system.

Unlike standard toxicology LIMS, pMDx-TOX eliminates the need for separate, labor-intensive processes to manage molecular testing.

Based on our pMDx™ (Precision Molecular Diagnostics) LIMS suite, pMDx-TOX meets the highest specifications of the standard toxicology laboratory, including:

  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box test and current medication menus that can be customized on the fly
  • ICD-10 code selection
  • Integration with analytical instrument software
  • Parent drug and metabolite testing and reporting
  • Automated reflex testing management, with billing support
  • Comprehensive sample data tracking, including mass spec concentrations and screening results
  • Tracking of samples sent for external analysis, with optional EMR integration
  • Effortless scalability to respond to changes in test volume, from tens to hundreds to thousands of tests per day.
  • Support for compliance requirements, including, HIPAA, CAP, CLIA, and more

Expanding to PGx testing? pMDx-TOX integrates molecular workflows with a single click. Selecting the pharmacogenomics test option at the accessioning step routes the patient sample to a PGx workflow track that is customized to test type, instrumentation and data handling needs. Sample accessioning and reporting formats remain consistent with the standard toxicology workflow, providing the same rigorous audit trails, data management and compliance support.

Contact Us for a personalized demonstration of how pMDx-TOx can help you automate PGx testing workflows in your Toxicology laboratory.

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