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 Process excellence is about successfully managing multiple layers of work. For example, the lab worker is responsible for the execution of specific steps, the lab manager worries about the end-to-end process, and the executive looks at sales and customer satisfaction.

 Complex processes require stratification and a division of labor, which also demands multiple sets of information and controls.  One of the most important functions of an information system is the capacity to offer multiple tiers of information that are tailored to the needs of everyone involved in the process – from the lab manager to the customer.

 UNIFlow’s open-ended adaptability empowers you to create as many perspectives as your organization needs. Not only can you create new fields, you can create entirely new entities and event sequences. In other words, you can simultaneously track meta-processes and sub-processes, restrict confidential information according to access levels, and then display information at multiple levels of granularity, giving every layer of the organization a window into what is working and what needs attention.

 There is a saying in business that “You get what you measure.” With UNIFlow dashboards, you can measure every bit of information that’s critical to your operation’s success.


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