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Molecular diagnostic lab automationLaboratory Automation

Conventional laboratory processes are combinations of information systems, instruments, and software programs – each made and supported by a different vendor – that lack the compatibility afforded by standardized language. So, exchanges between programs often contain gaps in automation that depend on the attention of human beings using inefficient and often error-ridden stick notes and spreadsheets. LIMS software must bridge these gaps and provide end-to-end tracking and control.

This is where UNIFlow revolutionizes what is possible. UNIFlow is a language engineered to construct a solution out of high-level process concepts as opposed to low-level programming concepts. Rather than use vocabulary like strings, integers, sub-routines, and variables, UNIFlow expresses concepts like workflow, content flow, grouping, qualification, authorization and audit trails.

With UNIFlow, for the first time in LIMS history, laboratories can affordably bridge gaps in automation and control custom processes from beginning to end.


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lims systems


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