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FDA Leaders Share Their Vision

UNIConnect often brings together different institutions and technologies and enables them to work in harmony.   We recently worked with The University of Utah Program in Personalized Health Care and BioUtah to host an event in Salt Lake City with two key FDA leaders:  Director of Science & Innovation Frank Weichold, MD, PhD, and Former Senior Advisor for Science Innovation and Policy Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, PhD. 

Drs. Weichold and Seyfert-Margolis led a discussion on balancing innovation and regulation, and addressed the challenges of modern drug development.  With the cost of drug development at an all-time high, the focus in recent years has been on blockbuster drugs.  But to deliver on the potential of personalized medicine – an area that has been seriously underserved, the FDA is calling on pharmaceutical companies to adapt new scientific and business models that will help shift to more precision medicine.

This shift will require the drug development industry to move to a more specialized and patient-driven approach – one that will allow them to better utilize the valuable personal information of subjects in testing and gathering data.  As drug companies begin to track data in different forms, the unique adaptability and customization UNIFlow delivers will be a critical requirement.  The pharmaceutical industry is poised to bring about unprecedented advances in development beyond blockbuster drugs, and UNIConnect looks forward to supporting and enabling the changes ahead.

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