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UNIFlow Delivers a Win-Win for IT Teams

Most laboratory IT professionals are looking for one thing:  software solutions that make it easier for them to manage their unique responsibilities.  But when it comes to supporting and enabling the processes their labs depend on, IT directors are frequently frustrated by inflexible software that requires too much time, is too much trouble, and forces too many compromises.   The UNIFlow differences extend to IT, and include features that give them the flexibility and control that’s generally not possible with other LIMS.

With UNIFlow, IT can employ their own instances devoted to the instruments, imports, and software systems they depend on, which gives them two powerful benefits:

•    Create workflows to manage IT processes
•    Consolidate toolsets, and use UNIFlow to monitor and control other IT software and instruments

UNIFlow can streamline IT processes in the same way it improves laboratory processes, managing the details so the IT team can focus on other priorities, while deploying a powerful suite of process-management tools that comply fully with IT governance standards and support the most rigorous performance objectives.

Forward-looking IT teams recognize that UNIFlow is a framework that can help them manage their backlog of projects, while enabling them to contribute more to the success of their organizations.  UNIFlow is a process definition language that is quickly learned, and its laboratory-centric design allows users to meet and maintain the quality and compliance standards that are critical to their organizations.

For more information on how UNIFlow helps IT directors meet productivity and compliance goals for the labs they support, schedule a demo today.

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