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Optimizing Barcodes to Save Time and Energy

Technology and automated systems can be amazing time savers when utilized correctly. Unfortunately for many labs, these helpful systems are not implemented correctly and often use an outdated approach. Relying on handwritten notes, labels, and spreadsheets from the beginning of a process will never get a lab to the level of professionalism and efficiency that the modern world requires. Instead, labs need a level of automation that is streamlined and fully functional – from beginning to end. Whether a lab is seeking to deal with increases in sample volumes or wanting to meet accreditation standards, this automated standard will bring the proficiency that the scientific process deserves.

The LIMS/LIS methodology, mixed with the use of barcodes, can be just the solution that labs are looking for. By employing a system of tracking simple barcodes, UNIFlow is able to catalog information in a very clean and organized manner. These barcodes act just like a license plate on a car (even being referenced as License Plate Labels), providing scores of information on a unified system of data. Unlike the significant label that some labs use, the non-significant label has workers depend on the ease of use that the software system provides.

Some labs rely on the significant label because they distrust their LIMS/LIS system, but the benefits of relying on such a method are huge. The LIMS/LIS and barcode approach allows for:

•    The removal of having to rely on labels with limited information on them
•    Aggregated lab data
•    More robust audit trails
•    Ease of preprinted labels and takes the lab out of the printing business
•    Automation of data collection

The main goal of  this methodology is to optimize lab time, personnel, and the complicated process of collecting vast sums of data. Take advantage of such an innovative approach and save yourself the headaches that outdated lab methods can bring you.

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