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RealTime Laboratories Implements UNIConnect Cloud-based Molecular Diagnostics Software Standard

Dallas, Texas, and SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, October 30, 2013 — RealTime's Laboratories, Inc., (RTL) and UNIConnect, L.C. announced implementation and go-live of the UNIFlowTM Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Process Management System.

RealTime Laboratory's commitment to rapid response, quality test results and excellent customer service required special capabilities and comparable vigilance from the chosen laboratory software partner, with the ability to respond in real-time to RTL requirements and RTL customer needs as the key factors in the final selection of the UNIFlow MDx platform. RealTime Labs required a rapid implementation to support its growth in test columes and new accounts, which were compelling considerations in UNIConnect's solution as the company's choice for supporting its MDx-based business model.

The RealTime Laboratory/UNIFlow MDx system includes the powerful elements that make UNIFlow a sought after standard in the diagnostics industry. Key details about the RTL Lab System Initiative include:

  • The Project started in June 2013 and went live in October 2013.
  • The UNIConnect cloud-based solution required minimal onsite engineering time– most of the project implementation was conducted remotely, creating minimal work disruption at RTL, while providing significant implementation cost benefits.
  • Multiple tests can be ordered for each submitted sample.
  • Robust reporting requirements of RTL and its customers are delivered by standard UNIFlow reporting tools.
  • The system manages all aspects of the testing path, including patients, practices (physicians), reagents, samples, assays, instruments, rejected samples, rework, follow up and management dashboards.

According to Dave Murcott, RealTime Laboratories CEO, "RTL is on the forefront of a revolutionary medical technology, which is changing how health care practitioners will diagnose and treat a myriad of serious medical conditions. We need and appreciate business partners who can support and even help promote our fast paced growth."

Bill Harten, UNIConnect Founder and CEO, observed, "Dynamic firms like RTL are making a new level of patient care possible and truly ushering in the era of personalized medicine. The UNIConnect team is proud to be a key technology partner to this future-oriented organization."

About RealTime Laboratories
RealTime Laboratories, Inc., (RTL) is a Dallas, Texas-based molecular and microbiology laboratory specializing in the detection of mycotoxins in human and environmental samples. At the forefront of the war on exposure to environmental toxins, RTL uses patented testing to help patients and their physicians determine the cause of the illnesses related to the harmful toxins produced by molds.

RTL is currently deploying a new series of mycotoxin and mold DNA tests to rapidly diagnose threatening toxicity in patients. The lab also conducts patented tests to determine presence of harmful mycotoxins in dust, drywall and other building materials present in tens of thousands of American homes. F/span>For more information, please visit

About UNIConnect
Based in Salt Lake, UNIConnect has created a laboratory information management system software company that marries breakthrough software technology with unparalleled customization and configuration control. With a corporate ideal of "rigorous simplicity," UNIConnect's UNIFlow software solution helps eliminate the process tracking barriers that slow down progress for many life science industries and interests. For the precise tracking and process detail required for personalized medicine, crop science, molecular diagnostics, proteomics, clinical trials, high throughput screening and more, UNIFlow delivers solutions that enable laboratories to achieve their objectives. For more information, please visit

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