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UNIConnect and Selah Genomics Announce Rapid Implementation, Partnership Agreement

GREENVILLE, South Caroline, and SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, September 16, 2013 — UNIConnect and Selah Genomics today announced completion of a fast track implementation of UNIConnect's UNIFlow platform at Selah's growing network of Clinical Genomic Centers. Both companies are pioneers in the personalized medicine arena. Selah recognized the need for a flexible laboratory information management system with which it would be able to manage massive amounts of data, while retaining the ability to reconfigure the system to meet changing and evolving laboratory needs.

Michael Bolick, Selah Co-Founder and CEO, said "We are blessed with an accelerating and exciting rate of growth in our molecular and genomic clinical services business. Our customers know that transition towards more precise and personalized medicine is changing the game in our market. To perform well, we needed a more robust and purpose-built laboratory information system solution - not one that was just retrofitted for our arena. We found just what we were looking for with UNIConnect."

William S. Harten, UNIConnect founder and chief executive officer noted, "Selah Genomics is one of those companies that thinks several moves ahead and knows where they want to be, today and tomorrow." "Our technology is uniquely suited for personalized medecine applications because UNIFlow can be configured and re-configured, by the customer, to meet rapidly changing requirements. UNIConnect and genomics grew up together. We were shaped by it. We are proud and gratified to witness the increasing adoption of UNIFlow by forward thinking businesses like Selah Genomics."

Bolick concluded "Our joint project team has already demonstrated that the UNIFlow technology can be leveraged very effectively. Our first implementation project was kicked off on June 24th and went live on September 4th. We look forward to partnering with UNIConnect for the benefit of our customers."

About Selah Genomics
Selah Genomics is a commercial stage, clinical diagnostic company that is rapidly growing at the cutting edge of molecular analysis and next-generation sequencing. Selah's services add value in the transition towards more precise and personalized medicin with early stage drug development, clinical trials and regulatory processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Selah helps clinicians and healthcare providers treat and monitor patients for superior outcomes. For information please visit

About UNIConnect
Based in Salt Lake, UNIConnect has created a laboratory information management system software company that marries breakthrough software technology with unparalleled customization and configuration control. With a corporate ideal of "rigorous simplicity," UNIConnect's UNIFlow software solution helps eliminate the process tracking barriers that slow down progress for many life science industries and interests. For the precise tracking and process detail required for personalized medicine, crop science, molecular diagnostics, proteomics, clinical trials, high throughput screening and more, UNIFlow delivers solutions that enable laboratories to achieve their objectives. For more information, please visit

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