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Chemical reactions are the same everywhere, but similarity between lab processes ends there. At the detail level, laboratories optimize differently, and their approaches evolve over time. This is why LIMS are so critical: they enable you to track and control the details so you can manage risk in areas where you push the envelope.

For example, one lab saves on reagent volumes and compensates with extra control processes while another adds process steps to manufacture reagents on its own; one lab compensates for lower skills with more training while another expands its use of automation; and one lab maximizes assay volume with larger batches while another provides a broader range of assays by adding new processes. Off-the-shelf software assumes all labs are the same and therefore can’t work. You need something specific to your needs.

Any software is adaptable with enough time and money. What laboratories eventually realize, however, is that their requirements change at a faster pace than conventional programming can accommodate – that even with unlimited funds, traditional programming can never catch up. This realization too often occurs during installation, and this is when many projects fail.

UNIFlow achieves adaptability in a unique way. UNIFlow enables trained, authorized members of your organization to define your unique requirements in a process specification language that is then executed directly by the UNIFlow process engine. In other words, when you change the specification, you simultaneously change the implementation with no need for a separate programming phase, making UNIFlow implementation and adaptation exponentially faster than conventional systems.

Where you push the envelope is where you need the most control, and that is exactly where lab processes most differ. UNIFlow overcomes the challenges that impede adaptation of conventional LIMS and thereby empowers you to track and control the details of your unique process both now and into the future.




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